• Mukesh Kumar Singh


There is a bitter truth that students in big coaching, hostels and schools get stuck in bad company and spoil their future. There are not only lose the discipline of student life, but also become victims of many other bad habits including drug, alcohol and cigarettes etc.
In the craving for good education, parents pay large fees in lakhs of rupees to the children to get admission in the big coaching institutes and schools, but the institutions only do the work of gathering the children and collecting money, the result does not make it.
We have to understand that big coaching or big name does not make result. The result is made by mutual harmony and dedication between the child and the teacher.
If in reality, You are looking for a good teacher instead of a show for children, and want complete development with their better results, then you should send children away from home to honest, experienced and dedicated Teachers, Who work hard for the results of your children. Mic Academy is one such institute in Patna, capital of Bihar, where for the last 8 years iit-jee has been giving success to ordinary students which shows the hard work of the institute’s teachers on the students. Here you will not get a show off, you will not get a luxurious campus but the work will be seen on the result. Your children's results can be better at MIC Academy than anywhere else.